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Life’s purpose: How to define your purpose? Tips and Inspirations

Hello friend of Spiritist Content, you have certainly stopped to think about what the purpose of your life is? Do you know what it means? See some tips and inspiring notes that would help you to define the purpose of your life.

What is “purpose of life”?

The purpose of life is the understanding of oneself to know how to fit in the world in which you develop.

All human beings have that concern to find that path that fills the void and that, from time to time, appears to reflect what we are doing with our existence.

Periodic questions arise, often causing discomfort because deep down, we all want to know more, understand more, and be in control of our own existence.

There are two basic questions that summarize the desire to progress and not restrict yourself to what limits the existential path.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I doing here?

However, before answering the above questions that reveal the purpose of life, we need to answer another question:

What is life?

The moment we think about the answer to this question, we become introspective about the purpose of life again.

Some people think that life is the biological phenomenon that exhaustion in time allows us to fulfill a goal, a cycle within the economy of nature.

If we continue with this line of thought, we can arrive at the idea that there is nothing else outside of nature itself and the cycles of existence in relation to the life cycle.

Smart purpose

Life’s purpose can be affected by the idea that nothing can exist outside the realm of preserving life, the concept of nothing is present in the thinking of the materialistic person and this has a profound impact on how he perceives his own life and what decisions he might make to express his existence in the world.

We have the understanding of the future life as an option of the purpose of life, the same that destroyed the idea of ​​the nothing to direct the thought to the understanding that everything has an intelligent purpose because, the cause of life itself is intelligent.

It changes a lot from living to existing, living is a biological process that ends with the extinction of life itself, existing is a process of consciousness that does not end with the completion of bodily life.

Déjà vu

The phenomena of memory, the déjà vu, spontaneous knowledge that appears in childhood with genius, indicate that life is a process of consciousness that progressively advances until it reaches perfection.

Therefore, the purpose of life is to understand that we are transcendent according to our progress.

The Spiritist Doctrine clarifies that as soon as we understand that we are immortal Spirits, we find meaning in each of our existences, each one of these experiences simply prepare us to acquire new levels of understanding of who we are.

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Life’s purpose: how to discover your purpose?

Discovering the purpose for yourself is a process of self-knowledge, it begins with understanding what the results of your own choices are.

The consequences of our own actions are topics that we constantly avoid due to the pain they can cause when confronting our conscience with the reality that we are creating.

We must evaluate what we really want to live and share; life projects must be divided in two ways, the first: The things that we hope for, those dreams that are always part of our thinking and that sometimes cause frustration because they seem far away and often difficult to achieve.

The other way, the second one is, what do I need to do to find PEACE?, we can reflect on the advantages of having tranquility and peace, let’s put this thought like this:

  1. If I had peace with my family, how would I feel?
  2. If I had peace in my work, how many things could I advance?
  3. If I had psychic peace, how many problems could I solve?
  4. If I had peace of Spirit, could I understand me better?

Contrary to many people who think that the purpose of life is that success that surprises humanity and manages to move consciences to be better, in reality the purposes of each one of us are very simple.

Living the everyday

Although simple, it does not mean that they are not of profound importance, if a single person reaches an awakening of consciousness, this person would already be in a position to reach the fibers of society to the point that would have a positive impact on all human beings.

The purpose of existence is to experience the everyday, finding the meaning of all the things that happen, or we could say finding yourself in everything that you do.

Inner peace

Inner peace is the true purpose of the existence, because it allows continuous and constant advance, balancing feelings and thoughts, always trying to do the best.

Certainly, we still cannot reach perfection, but with each step we take, we will be able to be more conscient and that conscience will allow us to connect with what we really need.

The always raving mind, does its own creative work where it places what for its own scale of needs is first, but as the time passes and with the emotional and spiritual maturity, we understand that not everything we would like is convenient for us.

The search for peace is also the search for fulfillment and purpose of life.

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What does it mean to have a life purpose?

Having a life purpose means knowing what my place is in this vast world full of possibilities.

We must understand that life has a purpose, its biological purpose is to preserve the cycles of nature itself to maintain balances between forces, however, this can only be explained as a mechanical process of a dynamic that allows conscious beings to find their own destiny.

I mean, destination as course, there is no person or group of people marked by a fatality, they are always a set of elements of the unconscious that were prepared for the event.

To have conscience

Therefore, we could say that only people have a life purpose because they have conscience.

When reflecting about our consciousness, we understand that all those values, principles and knowledge give a meaning to our existence that, only we ourselves can explain.

Evaluate and explore your abilities, those qualities you have are the entry key to self-knowledge and understanding of the purpose of life.

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How to define a life purpose?

Think big, allow yourself to dream of an ideal and become an idealist.

Defining the purpose of life is to give a concept of who you are, and how you function in the world.

The positive desire, often held deep in the conscience, is the one that shouts out from time to time, reminding us that we can be different, of course, if we want to.

Defining the life´s purpose is making a decision about how I would like to see my future, and how I will feel when I express that reality.


Based on our own abilities we must define a purpose in life; it’s normal to be confused and not aware of our own qualities.

To do this, the best thing is to make a list of all those skills you have, it does not matter if there are two, ten or just one, because the important thing is to understand that you have that quality that will be your engine.

Be aware of what you have, enter the field of self-knowledge, and now you must train that or those skills.

Continuous practice

Continuous practice will place you in the track to set your purpose.

Naturally, you will hear people saying “I tried many things and nothing worked”.

The approach that we should all have is avoid the imitation, most of the time we imitate other people, we start doing similar things, trying to copy their success and then we realize and understand that the same did not happen with us.

This is a natural consequence: we are different people with different perceptions of life. It takes time until we find out that the skills we have, will define our life purpose.

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3 tips to find out your life purpose

This is an easy guideline that could help you find the purpose of your life:

  1. Make a list with the qualities you have; make three columns: the first one is dedicated to intellectual skills, here you will write down the things that you understand and master intellectually; the second column is where your emotional skills go, which emotions you understand, put into practice and experience freely; in the third column you will place the spiritual values that you have, your ethic code, the importance that others have to you, your concept of God.
  2. Helping others is another way to find your life’s purpose; put yourself under the command of a charity, do what you can do best, this will guide you to finding the right path in your life.
  3. Think about your future:
  • How would I like people to remember me?
  • How would I like to feel in the future?
  • How can I love myself more and how can I love others?

These simple tips can help you find your life’s purpose, put into practice the qualities you have and that will give you the chance to feel connected to yourself and to others.

Try either of the above exercises or all of them if you wish so; take some time and analyze the results; it won’t be long until you realize that you are connected to your inner self and then you will begin to understand your life’s purpose.

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5 questions to help you see your life’s purpose

What is life’s purpose?

This question has always followed man, since the time when our ancestors developed the ability to think, that question has been the great unsolved mystery of man.

Scientists considered it a research topic and intellectuals as a source of inspiration and delusion. Thousands of novels, essays and stories have been written in search of the answer, which always end in a confusing conclusion, different from the gaze of the one who sees it.

There is always the right question at the right time, asking yourself is one of the infallible techniques to understand what is happening and how we see our life’s purpose.

Find your passion

Passion does not always appear in our lives, in fact, most people need to think about it for months, even years and they will hardly reach a good destination if they don’t know where they’re going.

Passion is the inner fire that allows us to take advantage of every minute of what we do, no matter what we are doing. It is about the enthusiasm we feel when we do something and we do not realize that time is passing.

These questions will help you clarify your life purpose:

  1. What activity would you be willing to do day after day without getting anything in return?
  2. What triggers your creativity?
  3. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  4. Regarding to other people’s needs, how can you help them?
  5. What sort of sacrifice are you ready to make?

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Can my life’s purpose change?

Life’s purpose is deeply connected with what drives our enthusiasm, in other words with “passion”.

We must understand at once, that our life’s purpose is not some mysterious and magical force.

There are studies that suggest that people who have that almost mystical belief that passions are magically revealed to us, tend to be less curious than people who understand that interests develop as part of a process.

Comfort zone

Those who remain in the imagination generally tend to wait for something extraordinary to happen while staying in the comfort zone.

Instead of looking for the one thing you need doing, even when you don’t know what it is yet, you can be more productive and look with an open mind at the potentially endless opportunities that come your way.

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Life purpose: 10 inspirational quotes

  1. “Live in such a way that you leave luminous footprints on the path you have traveled, like stars pointing out the way to happiness and do not let anyone leave you without carrying a trace of goodness or a sign of peace from your life” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  2. “Without the initial step no one can overcome distances” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  3. “Life is the incessant opportunities that arise from the front, never the failures that occurred in the past” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  4. “Everything in life is important. Small events are the preparations for great demonstrations and great achievements” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  5. “Coincidence is the discrete presence of God purposely programmed to work at the right time and in the ideal circumstances” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  6. “You are free to imprint in your existence the pattern of happiness or anguish with which you wish to live” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  7. “Your today represents the actions of the past and your tomorrow will result from the activities carried out today” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  8. “Most of the suffering happens in the wrong way because life is confronted” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  9. “If difficulties threaten your balance, pray. The prayer is an effective medicine for all diseases of the soul” (Joanna de Ângelis).
  10. “No one has the destiny of suffering. It is the result of a negative action, never the cause” (Joanna de Ângelis).

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Life mission: examples of people who lived with purpose

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr.; January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968.

Albert Einstein

(Ulm-Germany, March 14, 1879 – Princeton, April 18, 1955) was a German theoretical physicist who developed the Theory of Relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). He is best known to the general public for his mass – energy equivalence formula E = mc², which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to theoretical physics”, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, a pivotal step in the development of quantum theory.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu M.C (Skopje, August 26, 1910 – Calcutta, September 5, 1997) known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta or Saint Teresa of Calcutta, she was a Catholic nun of Albanian ethnicity, naturalized Hindu and missionary, founded the Missionaries of Charity, which charisma is serving the poorest of the poor through the experience of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 2015, the Congregation counted with more than 5 thousand members from 139 countries. Due to her service to the poor, she became known while still alive as the “Saint of the Helpless”.

During her life, Mother Teresa’s work was recognized by institutions from inside and outside India and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.  Some consider her to be the missionary of the 20th Century. She was beatified in 2003 by Pope John Paul II and canonized in 2016 by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

Divaldo Pereira Franco

(Feira de Santana, May 5, 1927) He is a professor, medium, philanthropist and Brazilian spiritist speaker.

He is considered the most representative figure of the Spiritist Doctrine in our days. He has dedicated over 50 years to the practice of mediumship and charity and more than seventy as an important spiritist speaker. Out of his 93 years, more than seventy were devoted to the Spiritist movement and to the children from the outskirts of Salvador, in Bahia. For this last purpose, he founded, on August 15, 1952, he founded with Nilson de Souza Pereira the charity organization Mansão do Caminho, which on a daily basis helps around five thousand people. In the past the Mansion (Mansão) began housing hundreds of children in what was called house-homes and most of them were adopted by the medium. The copyrights of the more than 260 books written by him using psychography which have sold more than ten million copies have been donated in notary to this and other philanthropic institutions.

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Now you know what it is and how to find out and define your life purpose. What sacrifices are you willing to make?

Let’s talk more about it in the comments section!

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